Posted by: Jacques | February 5, 2009

Roof-Top Composting

Styrofoam fish containers filled with compost

Styrofoam boxes filled with compost

It’s February and in Brooklyn snow covers the ground, or in this case the roof, but I’ve been hard at work gardening. Well not exactly gardening, but composting. The past few winters I’ve been composting more and more of the organic waste that comes out of the Palo Santo kitchen. And each summer our roof-top garden increases in size as I mix fresh compost with dirt and fill new garden boxes to be planted.

All of the composting and growing is done in reused containers like the styrofoam fish boxes in the picture. I know it doesn’t look like much now, but just wait until the weather gets warmer and the whole roof top is green with plants.

I get extra excited every time I serve a dish made with home grown ingredients. This summer I hope to be able to grow all of our own herbs, as well as a few salad greens, chiles, tomatoes and other things. Produce can’t get any more local than that! Maybe someday I’ll be able to serve an entire tasting menu of home grown vegetables.



  1. How relaxing that must be to provide your own produce? I’m so excited to meet you this weekend. Maybe my mother can help you with your garden this summer. She thinks that will be very therapeutic. You have a beautiful restaurant and I know my friend and her guest will have a wonderful time at your restaurant for her bridal shower.

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