Posted by: Jacques | July 14, 2009

Some of my friends reading this might remember the last blog that I had, and if those who do are comparing it to this one then I am sure that they are disappointed by the dryness in the writing and the lack of action in the stories. For those reading this who haven’t know me for too long, who only know me under the context of Jacques the Chef at Palo Santo, or who just weren’t paying attention five years ago, let me give you a little bit of background:

“Who the F#*k is Jacques Gautier?” was the tagline that my friend Trudy gave me when she registered the blog and persuaded me to post on it. It was February 2004 and I was living up the end of a hot summer in Argentine wine country. After a stint at a winery (learning a bit about the alchemy that converts tough skinned malbec berries into blood red elixirs) I spent the better part of a year traveling through Latin America –hanging out in markets, restaurants, and borrowed kitchens- soaking up all of the culinary inspiration that I needed to put together Palo Santo. Between posting new recipes that I had come up with and photos of local market scenes I also dipped into such topics as various romantic encounters, ambitious debauchery, and how I survived danger while on the road.

This blog on the other hand is a comparatively tame and politically correct forum for me to shamelessly self-promote Palo Santo -the restaurant that I own in Brooklyn. And quite honestly, since Palo Santo opened in 2006 my life has as well been relatively tame due to the fact that working as many hours as I do leaves me with very little time to look for trouble.

With all of that said… Having recently had the chance to get away from the restaurant, and take twelve days of vacation in Colombia, I considered writing a post with a little bit more bite to it, but then I chickened out, so all you get are some photos and the recipe below.

Horses carry heavy loads up and the beach in a remote area06-19-09 Colombia beach small 306-19-09 Colombia beach small 506-19-09 Colombia pueblito small 2

Parque Tayrona is a large nature preserve on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast near the Venezuelan border.

06-19-09 Colombia fish small06-19-09 Colombia fish small 2

Fresh fish out of the ocean and on to my plate.

06-19-09 Colombia Jugos small

Vendors on the beach sell ceviche, ice cream and fresh juices.

06-19-09 Colombia para cocos small 2

Pure genius! Turn the crank and use the blades to shred a coconut without removing it from the shell.

06-19-09 Colombia fish small 3

A fisherman cleans fish on the beach.

06-19-09 Colombia pig small

Roasted Pig stuffed with rice at a fast food restaurant in Bogota.

06-19-09 Colombia big spoon

And now the recipe…

06-19-09 Colombia ingredients small

The vegetable on the cutting board is caigua, or pepino para rellenar -a variety of cucumber (I guess that technically makes it a fruit) that is used primarily for stuffing. The resulting dish resembles a chile relleno.

06-19-09 Colombia pepino small



  1. Nice photos. So, what was the name of the old travel blog?

    • Sadly, the website which hosted it has ceased to exist. So unfortunately I don’t think that you will be able to find it.

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