Posted by: Jacques | February 3, 2010

Photos from the Tsukiji fish market

Early morning at Tsukiji. Boats dock at Tokyo's largest fish market -seen from a drawbridge over a narrow section of the Tokyo Bay.

It took me a few weeks to get these up, but here are some photos from my recent trip to Tokyo.  These are all from the Tsukiji fish market -a Mecca for seafood lovers and a place that I think every chef or foodie should make a pilgrimage to at least once in their lifetime.

Large tuna are flash frozen whole while the boat may be out to sea for long periods of time.

Fish on ice displayed for sale.

Codfish Milt... Google it.

Eels waiting to be skinned.

Deep magenta colored tuna on ice in a glass display case under makeshift wooden cutting boards.

Cutting tuna with a sword

Tuna Heads

Live Crabs

I don't know what these are? Their shells look like mussels, but they are cleaned and eaten like scallops and each one is about a foot long.

Look how big they are!!!

Live Conch

Small Halfbeaks

Monkfish Liver used for terrines

Live King Crab

I don't know the name of these either.


Skewered fish

Sea Cucumber



  1. As yummy as it looks, I lose my appetite when I realize that the Japanese and the Chinese will eat anything and will soon have the oceans fished out with their industrial strength fishing vessels. I have not been able to bring myself to order or purchase at a fish counter, either tuna or Chesapeake blue crab for the last several years. I get the feeling that I may be eating the last tuna from the sea. Sorry, Jacques, thats just a personal hang-up of mine. If we ever make it up toPalo Santo, I’ll order a bean soup or maybe a pork chop.

    • Responsible resource management is very important to me as well. It would be a tragedy of immense proportions if we were to exhaust the entire planet’s supply of edible fish. For that reason all of the fish that we serve at Palo Santo is sustainably caught. It’s all wild, most of it has been line caught and some of it is by-catch. You can read more about it on my fish supplier’s website: You also might be interested in this documentary about over fishing: The End of the Line

  2. Name of these clam are Tairagi-clam from Korea!

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