Posted by: Jacques | March 7, 2010

Rabbits in the Garden!

Jed eating hay

Collecting compost aside, there really isn’t much work to be done in the garden in the wintertime. Right now the only things that looks alive are the rabbits, but soon (maybe this week) I will plant some seeds, inside and outside. It will be another couple of weeks before they sprout and begin to resemble plants, and at least a month before I can harvest the first tender spring salad greens. The lack of action in the garden over the winter left me with time to build another rabbit hutch. I now have two rabbits that I am planning to breed. I got Jed first, sometime in the beginning of the fall and then Daisy May came along a few weeks ago. They were brought to me by Nestor of Tello’s Green Egg Farm. Nestor and Alejandra are well known characters at a few of the city’s Greenmarkets. Nestor stops by Palo Santo every Friday to drop off farm fresh, free-range, pasture-fed eggs. He sometimes drops off Gallinas and the occasional rabbit.

In addition to hay I have also been feeding them vegetable scraps from the kitchen. They get really excited for carrot peels and cabbage. One peripheral benefit of raising rabbits is that they speed up and enhance the process of composting kitchen scraps into nutrient rich organic fertilizer.

It may seem odd that I have named them, considering that they are more or less livestock and not exactly pets, but the two that have names I intend to keep as breeders. They will both hopefully live a long and happy life together and reproduce bountifully. Their offspring however will remain nameless.

Jed & Daisy May


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