Posted by: Jacques | May 19, 2010

New Litter of Bunnies Born on a Gray Day in Brooklyn

One of the first litter of Conejios

So far I’ve spent most of the beginning of this week sitting at my desk and getting caught up on office work. Bookkeeping, licensing, DOH inspection reports, taxes, etc. All things essential to the operation of a restaurant. I’ve had to learn how to do them, but honestly if they tried to teach me that crap in cooking school I would have spent many more days playing hooky. There was a moment when the rain cleared a little today and I took it as a chance to indulge in a much needed distraction. I went out to the garden and started pulling up weeds by their roots. Once I was done with that, the time came to clean out the rabbit hutches. Daisymay had been pulling out her own fur and there were tufts of it everywhere. That could only mean one thing. Carefully, I reached in to the back of the hutch and pulled out her nesting box. It had been stuffed full of rabbit fur mixed with bits of straw. I dug through the warm nest and pulled out a brand new litter of four little bunnies.

The nesting box



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