Posted by: Jacques | June 3, 2010

A recipe from my trip to the Tsukiji fish market

A few months back after returning from a trip to Tokyo I posted some photos that I took at the Tsukiji fish market. I just came across this recipe that I had written down and I realized that I never got around to posting it… So here it is.

While I was in Tokyo a few months ago for my friend Yohei’s wedding and a much needed vacation I had a chance to visit the legendary Tsukiji fish market. For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable just walking around and snapping a few photos. I had to be part of the action! So I bought one of everything that I had never seen before and two of everything that I know I would never see in New York. I packed up my treasures in the basket of my bicycle and made my way across the city back to Shinjuku where I was staying at Yohei’s mother’s place. With everything laid out on the kitchen table I started planning the evening’s menu. Preparing a large meal is something I customarily do as a house guest. My host invited over about a dozen friends -some of them I know from the wedding and/or the bachelor party (which took place at a nude hot spring -definitely a story for another time).

For the first course I made some sushi rolls, live shrimp sashimi, and razor clam ceviche.

Radish salad with radish sprouts, micro shiso, and shiso flowers.

I turned these crabs into soup.

The halfbeaks I cooked whole.

For the main course there was seared tuna. The recipe is below along with the entire menu.

Tsukiji market menu

Live Shrimp sashimi
Razor Clam ceviche
Sancho leaves / Nori / sushi / fresh Wasabi

Crab soup
Pork marrow / Dry scallop / green onion
soy beans / lotus root / crab roe

Abalone gratin
Beer / cream / micro tomatoes / panko

Radish salad
Radish sprouts / shiso sprouts / shiso flowers

Sauteed halfbeak
Bitter vegetable tempura
Uzu mayo / spicy miso

Black sesame seed Tuna
Soy mirin reduction / ginger / ginger flower
mushrooms / fiddleheads / micro turnips

Makes 6 servings

2lbs tuna cut into 6 tuna steaks
(preferably line caught yellow fin, black fin or anything other than bluefin. If you have questions regarding the sustainability of specific species consult the Monterey Bay Aquarium website)
2 oz vegetable oil
Pink sea salt and black pepper to taste
1 oz black sesame seeds

2 c chicken stock
1/2 c mirin
1 Tbs tamari
2 Tbs minced ginger
1 Tbs minced garlic
1/2 oz bonito flakes
2 inch piece of kombu

1c chicken stock
1/4c white soy sauce
2 oz butter
3 oz ginger flowers sliced thin
8 oz mixed mushrooms trimmed
8 oz fiddleheads rinsed and trimmed
18 pcs micro turnips

Reduce the glaze:
Combine the chicken stock, mirin, tamari, ginger, garlic, bonito flakes and kombu in a sauce pan and reduce until slightly thickened.

For the tuna:
Heat the vegetable oil in a large sautee pan over high flame.
Season the tuna with salt, pepper and sesame seeds.
Sear the tuna in the hot oil making sure to remove it from the pan while the inside is still very rare.

Cook the vegetables:
Combine the chicken stock and the white soy and reduce to 1/4 original volume. Whisk in the butter. Toss the vegetables in the reduction.

Plate the vegetables first and then the tuna on top. Drizzle the glaze over the tuna and onto the plate.

Serve with rice.


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