Posted by: Jacques | October 1, 2010

Gastronauts Menu Leaked!

On Tuesday, October 12th Palo Santo will play host to NYC’s most adventurous dining club, the infamous Gastronauts! Below is a draft of the menu that we will be putting together. I’ve chosen five traditional, but esoteric dishes from various Latin American and Caribbean origins. We will recreate them with a focus on Greenmarket ingredients. As with all of my menus, this one is also subject to change depending on (but not limited to) the availability of ingredients, last minute creative inspirations and the temperament of the crowd. In this post I have also listed the possible sources for some of these ingredients.


Ceviche de Erizo

Maine Sea Urchin Roe / Chile Brine / Madura Farm Popcorn



Ray Bradly’s Pig Parts Pickled / Home Grown Habanero / Kernan Farms Cucumber


Sancocho de Gallina

Tello’s Laying Hen / Evolutionary Organics Root Vegetables / Unlaid Eggs


Cabeza de Cordero en Mole Negro

Three Corner Field Sheep Head / Smoked Peppers / Blue Corn Tortillas


Flan de Aguacate

Milk Thistle Cream / Has Avocado / Long Island Honey



  1. Hey its mia (you know the short girl that comes in a lot =) ) So the last time I came in I ate your eggplant app and it was AMAZING! I just went to the farmers market and bought some eggplant and am curious if you would reveal your prep secret.

    Thanks!! Cheers.


    • Hi Mia!

      It’s a very simple preparation with the eggplant. I’ll post the recipe.

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