Posted by: Jacques | October 20, 2010

Rooftop Salsa aka What to do With Under-Ripe Fall Tomatoes

Homegrown Tomatillos of varying sizes and colors

This time of the year it’s always a test of nerves for me to leave the tomatoes and tomatillos on the vine to see if they will ripen. Once the first frost hits, if any have been left outdoors they will turn to useless mush! But if picked early they will be hard and tart. Perfect for making Salsa Verde!

On the Palo Santo Menu “Rooftop Salsa” makes it’s first appearance in early Summer and runs through to the end of the Fall. It’s made with the first and the last of the crop.

Homegrown Habanero peppers

Habaneros make it spicy. We also throw in lots of herbs, chiles, chives, and garlic. All grown in our rooftop garden. You can really use a little bit of whatever you have that’s green and can be finely chopped and eaten raw. Add a good amount of extra virgin olive oil and season with salt. We always chop all of the ingredients with a knife so that they keep some texture instead of pureeing everything in a food processor or blender. The tomatillos that we use are usually acidic enough that we don’t need to add any lime juice or vinegar.

roast fish & plantain

You can use the salsa on just about anything… Eat it on tortillas. Pour it over roasted fish. Use it to spice up eggs…


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