Posted by: Jacques | February 1, 2011

Best response to a Craigslist post ever!

I guess I don’t usually do humor on this blog, but I received an email today that I can’t stop laughing about. It was in response to a recently posted help wanted add for a Server on Craigslist. The add was super basic. It read kinda like this:


Small Chef-Owned Restaurant with Market Driven Menu looking to hire full-time, professional server with management potential. All applicants must have 3+ years of relevant experience and a desire to be promoted within the restaurant. Send resume in body of email. No attachments please.


For the most part the responses were looking promising. But then check this one out:



To Whom It May Concern;

Please find below my resume for the position of Head Server/Captain as advertised on oh wait no its not because you didn’t bother to get back to me, what a joke you are. There is no one in New York that even comes close to me but you didn’t even give ma chance because I didn’t have your stupid NYC experience which by the way is laughable to the places I have worked that none of you would get into!!!!!




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