Posted by: Jacques | May 18, 2011

Palo Santo Family Meal / Chimichurri Recipe

A story above the restaurant, I was in the office doing paperwork when the smoky aromas of meat on the grill came wafting up between the floorboards. I knew it was family meal time, and my sous chef Trinidad was making parrillada! Welcoming the distraction I walked downstairs and into the restaurant just as he was  putting on the final touches and spooning the chimichurri all over the sliced meats. Grass fed skirt steak, heritage pork loin, morcilla and chorizo. Greenmarket asparagus and spiced potatoes made the meal complete!


A great sauce for all types of grilled meats. This recipe makes enough for 12 large steaks. Use some now and then keep the rest in a jar in the fridge until your next barbecue.

1 bunch                         Parsley

½ bunch                       Cilantro

¼ bunch                       Oregano

¼ bunch                       Tyme

¼ bunch                       Rosemary

¼ bunch                       Chives

4 cloves                        Garlic

1                                       Shallot

1                                       Red Jalapeño

100 ml                          Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100 ml                          Red Wine Vinegar

10g                                 Sea Salt

2g                                   Ground Black Pepper

Wash and chop all the herbs including the chives.

Peel and chop the garlic and shallot.

Remove all seeds and chop the Jalapeño.

Combine everything.

Stir and serve.


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