Posted by: Jacques | November 11, 2011

A Letter from Araby Re: A Recent Theft at Palo Santo…







Dear Friends of Palo Santo,


This week the Haitian license plate was removed from the Palo Santo restroom. The license plate was from Chef Jacques Gautier’s grandfather’s car in Port-au-Prince.


Palo Santo is so homey because it is filled with personal stories: Trinidad’s tile mosaics, Brett and Alonso’s tables, Lindsay’s buoy, Trudy’s juice pitchers, and my wood carving of the Haitian coat of arms. I feel lucky to be surrounded by things people cherish at a job that is important to me serving people I care about.


I have read the inscription on the license plate “la pearl des Antilles” everyday at work for three years and I find comfort in telling myself in the midst of a stressful day, “yes Haiti is a pearl.”


Please return the license plate. Drop it off, send it in the mail, slip it back in the restroom. The nails are still in the wall.





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