Posted by: Jacques | November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Palo Santo Thanksgiving Menu

Reservations available from 2pm to 8pm

718 636-6311

Adults $60 ~ Kids $30

First Course:

Rutabaga & Apple Soup


Second Course Choice of:

Sweet Potato Ceviche

avocado / cilantro / lime

Chicory Salad

bacon / sherry vinegar / rajas / queso cotija

Roasted Cauliflower

chimichurri / anchovy / bread crumbs


Anticuchos de Pavo

Third Course Choice of:

Chestnut Dumplings

roasted mushrooms / creamed swiss chard

Line Caught Swordfish

butternut squash / pomegranate / endive

Pavo en Mole Poblano

braised turkey / plantain stuffing / peanuts / raisins

Roasted Heritage Turkey

quince / brussels / celery root gratin

Wild Boar Shank

romanesco / parsnip puree / plum butter


Tasting of Three Seasonal Postres


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