Posted by: Jacques | April 14, 2012

The Smoker-Bike… Part uno.

So, the store goes a little like this…

We build and open a BBQ joint across the street from Palo Santo and start doing delivery. A cool looking cargo bike is for sale on craigslist. We buy it, but then it never gets used. It’s big and clunky, and our bbq deliveries are never more than a few pounds at a time. The delivery dude prefers his own bike over the cargo bike.

The cargo bike seemed like an unnecessary purchase… Until, a stroke of genius and we come up with the idea to build a mobile barrel smoker and mount it onto the bike! I sat around with the idea in my head for a few weeks, and then last Monday I decided that the time had come.

After a  little research I found a shop out in Bushwick that sells used steel barrels. I paid them a visit and brought a couple barrels home. We come up with a design and the next day start cutting, welding and grinding.

I cant wait to get this thing fired up! We already have a Palo Santo / Fort Reno staff picnic in Prospect Park planned as soon as the bike-smoker construction is complete! Check back with me here for updates…


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